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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Did you make it? Good.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you somehow found this journal entry here at the blogger.com version of UnCommonwealth without having been directed here from my old digs over at Journalscape. To briefly recap, the mad genius rock stars who are designing the Fortress of Words website (which will house a site for Say..., along with personal sites for Ms. Bond and myself) have told me that it'll be easier to fold the Blogger interface into the new website than it would have been Journalscape.

I liked Journalscape and for awhile I'll try to remember to post there when I update here, or something like that. I know that there was a feature there that let folks "subscribe" to the journal, which essentially meant they received an e-mail whenever I made a new entry. Handy, that, and if you'd like to do the same here, just enter your e-mail address into the little box over to the right.

And now, for an actual entry, complete with content.

I've got lots of traveling coming up in the next few months. We'll be in Chicago next weekend for the Nebula Awards and then immediately have to return here to put the last touches on the next issue of Say... and get it to the printer. Why immediately? Because it's already time for Wiscon, where we'll be over Memorial Day weekend. Gwenda and I will both be doing readings of new work and G also has a panel or two, I believe.

On June 10th, we'll join Mark Rudolph, publisher of Full Unit Hookup, as featured readers at a special "Strange Fiction" edition of the indispensable InKY Reading Series. The InKY readings are held at The Rudyard Kipling, one of my all time favorite bars. Were you there when Average Life had their last show? At least of that lineup? Me too. I was the kid with the poseur skater haircut sporting elvish runes on my leather jacket. Good times.

The last week in June I'll be back at Wild Acres in the mountains near Asheville, NC, participating in this year's Sycamore Hill Writers Conference and maybe sneaking away for some cycling on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The organizers of Sycamore Hill scheduled the end of the conference so that participants will be able to get home in time for the start of Le Tour, though G and will probably be going to Raleigh for a couple of days afterwards, where we'll watch the Prologue and Stage One with two of our favorite people.

And finally, in August, if all goes well, we'll be flying to Glasgow for Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention. This will be the first WorldCon for either of us and the first time I'm up for a Hugo Award as well. Very exciting.

On the writing front, I'm mainly working on short stories at the moment, not least in an attempt to score some quick cash, 'cause friends, flying to Scottishland ain't cheap in these final days of petroleum.