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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

cat's away: day three (or something like that)

You are Dorcas Meadowes.

(c) Katrina Young aka Rohanelf, all rights
They are not to be stolen, altered, or sold without
my full written permission.
Anyone who disregards the copyright laws WILL face
immediate legal action, as well as the delight
of meeting me on their doorstep
with my sword to rip their guts out and use them as
a necklace.

You are the ultimate individual. You are very
resourceful, creative and extremely
imaginative. You don't really live in reality,
you tend to laps into your imagination all
the time
, only being dragged into the real
world when someone has gotten your full
attention. This results in you being quite nave
about the world and people hate to see your
dreams crushed because of it. You like to be
different; in fact you go to extremes sometimes
to be different. A lot of people admire you for
that kind of bravery and you end up having a
whole bunch of people trying to copy you which
annoys you because then you have to go and
change yourself again so they're not the same
as you are. You are completely random, you
come out with odd sayings, weird jokes and
maybe just add a completely unrelated word into
a conversation because... well you don't know
why, you just do.
Sarcasm is you best
friend, it goes with your dry sense of humour
and it just comes naturally!

You use yourself as an example, to prove to people
that you don't all have to be what so society
declares normal to be accepted. You'rejust one
big living contradiction... You are mature
because you decided at a very young age that it
doesn't matter at ALL what others think of
you... and yet you really didn't make it past
the mental age of 6, dressing up is fun!
Dancing randomly at any given time or place is
a given, that goes the same for singing. You
are the nicest, calmest, laid back person in
the world... but there are a few obscure things
that REALLY get to you, and once someone had
pissed you off everyone needs to dive for the
bomb shelter because you can be incredibly
violent when provoked!! If there's a topic
you're not interested in, you can't concentrate
from more than 2 seconds before your
imagination distracts you, but if it's
something you are interested in you can
concentrate for hours, days, weeks months,
years even!! You trust people waaaaaaaay too
easily, but you don't trust people to know
what's behind the hyper, happy-go-lucky, crazy
wall for years...

Don't change for ANYONE do it in your own time
where you're good and ready! You're perfect and
people want to be just like you because you
have broken free of the chains of society! Just
remember that some people are
trustworthy, don't hide the sentimental 'soppy
feelings' side from them forever.

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I don't even know what this one means! But do not pirate, steal or otherwise impersonate this lady's art. You do not want her on your doorstep. She will elf your ass.

(And I think I just caught some Jane Espenson dialogue on the so-far disappointing The Inside. But still, snappy, funny Espenson dialogue spoken by Jayne!)