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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sci-fi World Taken by Storm! Names Dropped Like Hail!

Actually, it's just an interview with me.

That link goes to straight to the interview, which is published in the online version of Apex Digest. A couple of months back Gwenda and I were startled to see a sign beneath a magazine at a local bookstore that read "Locally Produced Science Fiction Magazine!" and it wasn't ours. (Actually we would have been startled to see Say... at this particular bookstore since we haven't dropped off copies there.) We met up with the publisher and his family for a nice lunch and this interview is one result. Another result is a series of upcoming board game steel cage death matches, but those have yet to be scheduled.

Anyway, take a look at Jason Sizemore's magazine, and read that interview! I put something in there especially for you.