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Friday, May 20, 2005

All afire, all atwirl

1. The person (or persons) who passed the baton to you.

Shezah mah wife now!

2. Total volume of music files on your computer.

Whatever the total volume of the songs you can download from Lipkandy is. Ask, and it shall be given to you.

3. The title and artist of the last CD you bought.

Um. Um. The last Mountain Goats record, maybe? Gwenda buys the music.

4. Song playing at the moment of writing.

Nada. But the last music I heard was the the score behind the trailer for the Narnia movie that I just downloaded. December 9th, baby!

5. Five songs you have been listening to of late (or all-time favorites, or particularly personally meaningful songs)

"Tour de France Etape 1," Kraftwerk
"I Ain't Ever Satisfied," Steve Earle
"I'll Fly Away," traditional (preferred version by the Rich Family)
"Goin' Back to Harlan," Emmy Lou Harris
"Shower Medley," Christopher Rowe

6. The five people to whom you will 'pass the musical baton.'

Alice B. Toklas
Professor Moriarty
The First Slayer
The Pirate Jean Lafitte