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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What's it about, Peg Duthie?

On page 21 of Say...have you heard this one?, you'll find a poem by Peg Duthie entitled "The nty-nth Coming." Here's a taste:

Now refusing to race toward revelations
no longer eager, evidence having evaporated
faster than the foam of fragile faith
no matter how tantalizing, how true-seeming
we've heard it before, and it's hell to behold
this mane of absence mightier than Abaddon

When I asked Peg for a biography, she wrote simply that she works as a calligrapher and copyeditor in Nashville, Tennessee. You can find out more at her professional website, NashPanache, or by reading her LiveJournal, chrysanthemum.

Peg's had several poems published at the No Tell Motel website; here's one called "Journey's End."

I asked Peg what "The nty-nth Coming" is about. Her answer?

"Slouching towards a slug of single malt Scotch."

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