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Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's time to play!

Hey everybody! It's time to play My Day Job Destroys My Will and Soul at a Faster Rate Than Your Day Job Destroys Yours!

The playing field is defined as the comments of this blog post. The big prize is a copy of the next issue of Say... if you're not a subscriber, and a one issue extension of your subscription if you are. Winner will seemingly be determined by a whim of the contest organizer. The little (indeed) prize is the knowledge that you have somehow found the strength to grimly soldier on.

(Um, this is for fun. If you work at an animal shelter or for a Republican administration or something, use your old job).

Entries should be formatted in a structure parallel to that of the first entry, unless you don't like that format, in which case entries must be formatted in a structure more clever than that of the first entry. If there are zero comments when you read this post, congratulations! That means you've been chosen to post the first entry.

Contest closes when contest administrator wakes up and checks the internet on Sunday morning, so get those entries in!