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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Two Things to Remember

One: if you happen to be at the Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin on the afternoon of Sunday, May 29th, you--you especially--are invited to attend this here:

Adequate Science Fiction (Readings)
Sunday, 2:30-3:45 p.m. in Conference Room 2

Because frequently, adequate is more than enough. Featuring readings by: Christopher Rowe, Lauren Ann McLaughlin, Alan John "Call me AJ!" DeNiro, Richard "Call me Richard!" Butner.


Two: this is your reminder that even as we speak, smallish men with impenetrable accents are riding extraordinarily expensive bicycles made of space age materials real, real fast in the opening Prologue of the 88th Giro di Italia. If you have the OLN or Eurosport channels on your television machine, take a few minutes this afternoon to have a look. I've said this before--and if you're a new reader here you should be aware that I'll say it again--bicycle racing is one of the really great things people have come up with.

Today especially would be a good day to watch, because the organizers have asked the recently retired Mario Cipollini, surely one of the great sports personalities of the last twenty years, to take what's essentially a career victory lap by riding the course alone before the start of today's time trial. He deserves a few minutes of your attention for his extraordinary achievements. Plus, you never know what that cat is going to wear. See here and here and here.