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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday this 'n' thatz

  • Love your day job? I didn't think so. There's still time to scroll down to the next entry and play My Day Job Destroys My Will and Soul at a Faster Rate Than Your Day Job Destroys Yours! Looks like the first few entries are all by men. I guess that means any women who read this have enjoyed fair, supportive environments throughout their working lives, just like Anne Coulter always says.
  • This morning has been a lot of fun, because digital printing is breezy easy and the internet always works. The super-cool and talented Melissa Mas, who designed the cover for Say... #5, managed to beat Adobe Illustrator into submission long enough to get her files burned onto a cd which was in turn couriered to us here at the Fortress of Words under cover of darkness.
    Then it was a simple matter of typing a few commands and hey presto! Everything the printer will need to produce our stylish 'zine was on their computron machines down there in Tennessee. Yep, that's what happened. Nothing at all involving the downloading and discarding of four GUI ftp applications for OSX occurred. The printers servers couldn't possibly have a conflict with the OSX built-in ftp client, either, right? Surely nothing so complicated as uploading the files to the fortressofwords.com server hosted on the South Island of New Zealand could have been required, could it? A web bunny in Raleigh didn't have to be rousted out of bed to move the files from New Zealand first to a UNIX box in Charlotte then finally to the printer in Nashville, did he? Surely not!

    It'll all be worth it, readers. I know you're tired of me reminding you about those "subscribe now" buttons at right, but it don't cost nothing to read me reminding, and it won't cost much to get to read this: