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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Yes, it's all so crassly commercial, isn't it?

On the other hand, it's only ten bucks.

"Only ten bucks?" you say. "That sounds like a great deal! What are you talking about?"

See how the web of my viral marketing scheme so easily ensnares you!

Actually, this entry is just me telling all y'all about the new issue of Say..., the magazine I edit with Alan DeNiro and Gwenda Bond. Every issue is themed around a question and the stories, poems and comics that we publish aim to answer, deny, rebuke or otherwise address that question. This time around, the question was "have you heard this one?" and these fine people have answered it with your needs in mind.

Hannah Wolf Bowen
Stephanie Burgis
E. L. Chen
Peg Duthie
Craig Laurance Gidney
Larry Hammer
Karen M. Roberts
Sandra McDonald
Catherine M. Morrison
David J. Schwartz
Janni Lee Simner
Sonya Taaffe

Hey, slow down there, reader! I know you're already writing out that subscription check, but don't you want to know who to make it out to (Christopher Rowe and/or Gwenda Bond) and where to send it (PO Box 1304, Lexington, KY, 40588-1304, USA)? Don't you want to know what you get for your ten dollars (that's US $10 for a two issue domestic subscription, Canadians add US $1, rest of world add US $2 to cover shipping, we can only accept checks or money orders in US funds drawn on US banks, sorry, if that's a problem e-mail me and we'll explore the alternatives)? Don't you want to know if you can just order this single issue (sure, just make that US $5 with additions and provisos noted in previous parenthetical remark)? Folks who want to use credit cards and so on please follow this link.

So, in summary, Say...have you heard this one? will soon spring fully formed from the brow of a Xerox Docutech in Nashville, Tennessee. This 60 page, perfect (not to say perfectly) bound magazine features a full color wrap around cover, ten short stories, two poems, one comic and a review column penned by your favorite member of the LitBlog Co-op. It'll have a stylish debut on borrowed table space in the dealers room at WisCon 29 over Memorial Day weekend, but if you're a member of that portion of humanity who won't be in attendance at that grand event, then your best bet is to subscribe now!

Man, this is exhausting.